At UMAGE we ensure that all Goose Feathers used for our Eos feather lamp collection is 100% sustainably sourced from farmland to end-consumer. All feathers are licensed with an RDS certification ensuring the well-being of animals in our production.

RDS stands for Responsible Down Standard and is an acknowledged certification in the industry of down and feathers. To receive this certification our entire product supply chain - from farmland to end-consumer - have been audited, approved and certified by IDFL, ensuring that all animals are treated with respect for the Five Freedoms of Animal welfare. In the sourcing of the feathers used in our Eos feather lamps we are repurposing a by-product from the food industry. Goose feathers that would otherwise be burned and wasted are instead sanitized and repurposed thus diminishing the environmental impact.


- No Live-Plucking

- No Force-Feeding

- Respecting the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare

- Auditing by a professional third-party certification body of each stage in the supply chain

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