Lounge Around 1.5 Seater

oak - Available from the 23rd of March
Lounge Around 1.5 seater is a multifunctional, flexible sofa chair created to be the centrepiece of your living room. Designed as a space to care for you and only you. After a busy day it’s the perfect spot to lean back, relax and recharge.
Clean lines, an unfussy design and high-quality materials give Lounge Around a light Nordic expression. Lounge Around is available with additional accessories including a light stand, magazine rack, side pillow and small side table. The narrow seat cushion has a thin tray on the reverse side, allowing you to set aside your coffee or laptop.
Available in March 2020.


Product no. 5562
H: 43 x W: 127 cm
D: 75 cm

Solid oak, MDF, Polyester in slate
grey / dark grey and Steel

Designed in Denmark
by Soren Ravn Christensen