Inspired by the world’s need for change and reducing the impact of our activities on our planet, the 100% recycled Horizons textiles are reducing plastic pollution and transforming single-use plastic into comfortable chairs and charming cabinets. Explore the process below.


Did you know that humans use around 1.2 million plastic bottles per minute? The energy required to produce and transport plastic water bottles could fuel approximately 1.5 million cars for a year, yet we only manage to recycle 25% of the plastic bottles – the rest end up in landfills, litter roadsides, and pollute waterways and oceans.

By collecting single-use plastic from nature, we can reuse the waste for a new purpose. The UMAGE Horizons textiles are made from 100% recycled polyester to reduce plastic waste and make the best out of something that would have otherwise ended up harming the planet.


It takes nature about 450 years to break down a single plastic bottle. When decomposing, it turns into microplastic and ends up in the ocean. If we collect the plastic and repurpose it, we minimize the plastic pollution and create something new from all the plastic, already available.

After collecting the plastic bottles and other single-use plastic waste, the plastic gets cleaned, sorted, ground, and transformed into plastic flakes.


Thanks to technology, the plastic flakes created from the plastic waste are transformed into polyester yarn, used for soft, durable and 100% recycled polyester textiles.

Studies show that the production of recycled polyester uses 2/3 less energy and almost 90% less water than the production of virgin polyester textiles.

Besides being better for the environment, these yarns and the textiles created from the yarn are also extremely durable – extending the life of the designs even further.


All Horizons textiles are certified with GRS ensuring:

- That the textiles are verified to meet the ISO definition of recycled. Both pre-consumer and post-consumer material is accepted

- That the textiles are required to meet strict social and environmental requirements. Chemicals with the potential for harm are not permitted.

- That the identity of the recycled material is maintained: from the recycler to the final product.

- That a professional, third-party audits each stage in the supply chain


All Horizons textiles are certified with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, ensuring:

- That no substances harmful to the environment and health are being used.

- That all components of a labelled product have been tested for harmful substances.

- A standard that is far more comprehensive than the legislation in Denmark and the EU (REACH) and, therefore, an excellent tool, ensuring compliance with legal requirements for harmful chemicals in products.

“The textile is called Horizons – reminding us that a brighter future is in sight if we are all making that extra effort for the planet. “

– Søren Ravn Christensen,
Chief Creative Developer and co-owner