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Brighter Days Lampshade

Illuminate the home with the Brighter Days lampshades. The collection of three mesmerizing geometrical lampshades of different shapes in solid brass combines an ornate and... 
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“The small size and the geometric, edgy outline of the lampshades work as the perfect cherry on top and will elevate and embellish every space they’re a part of"

Technical Details

Assembly time

10 min


Quadra: H: 8.7 W: 4.3 D: 4.3 cm
Penta: H: 8.7 W: 4.5 D: 4.5 cm
Hexa: H: 8.7 W: 4.9 D: 4.9 cm


Quadra: 0.25 g
Penta: 0.3 kg
Hexa: 0.3 kg


Thor Høy


Solid brass

Technical drawing of Brighter Days | Lampshade

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